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I support e-commerce stores with reliable technical solutions.

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My services in pillars

mobile commerce

Plan what's next

It’s a fact, most of visits e-commerce is getting sources from smartphones. Modern mobile first approach makes sites grows faster. Progressive web app is now a thing and simulates native app functionality, all from the same code base. More on PWA

personalized journey

Build what's reliable

Let's adapt solutions based on your customers and future goals. Building and integrating reliable solutions is what differentiate success from failure. I can provide you with tools and ways to listen to what your customers need not what trends says.

reach new markets

Reach new markets

Reach your customers across all channel integrating your e-commerce catalog with marketplaces, social media, mail services etc.

store health

Think performance first

Performance audit, speed optimization, high accessibility.
- Site speed and accessibility test.
- Technical SEO audit.
- Security and loading test.

e-commerce hosting

Architect cloud solutions

E-commerce is one of the main niches benefiting from cloud solutions. Get:
- Hosted in cloud or cloud migration support.
- Horizontal scalable for high availability.
- Back-ups and disaster recovery set-up. More about


Hi, this is Arjus. I'm an e-commerce solution architect helping businesses choosing and developing enterprise level solutions to accelerate growth and market stability.
I'm looking forward to audit your current infrastructure, plan for you a scalable and performance first e-commerce store, put together and lead a cutting-edge team, constantly support your growth and marketing initiatives.
My go-to platforms are Magento 2, and Shopify Plus.
This platforms suits perfectly digital business aiming for scalability, growth and security.
If you're on another technology and seeking for help, no worries, I can provide an audit and consulting in best part of e-commerce solutions or proprietary systems.

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